Linen, sheets and Sardinian fabric bedspread.

Bedspreads and blankets in fabrics and Sardinian wool

Fabrics, covers and bedspreads for bedrooms. Sartapp offers a wide selection of blankets and bedspreads in typical Sardinian style. We make Sardinian linen and rugs for the furnishing of private houses, hotels and restaurants.

Sartapp offers exclusive creations of carpets, indoor and outdoor curtains that furnish rooms and suites of the best hotels on the Costa Smeralda. The weaving is predominantly handmade, this allows us to make linens for the home and for hotels of classic sizes, single or double and custom sizes in relation to your needs.

The bedroom of an ancient Sardinian house. The bedroom of an old Sardinian house was made up of a tapestry woven in rough wool with traditional patterns. A bedside rug for the cold of winter but above all of the trousseau: sheets in Sardinian linen, the blanket in wool and the bedspread decorated with traditional motifs.

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