Handmade Sardinian rugs

Art and traditions of Sardinia handed down …

Handmade Sardinian carpets. The Sartapp laboratory, run by siblings Stefania, Carlo and Fabrizio, carries on a family business with a strong tradition and skills acquired in almost forty years of experience. Founded in 1978, it is the result of the wise management of its founder Basilio Sanna who, together with his wife Elisabetta, had the intuition to start a modern textile company. The concept is to strongly link the identity roots of Samugheo territory and its renowned textile tradition.

Sardinian Carpets

Sardinian carpets Olbia, Baja Sardinia, San Teodoro and Samugheo. Sardinian carpets of Samugheo finely decorated with the typical Sardinian craftsmanship. Only the best of Sardinian textile craftsmanship for the furnishing of your home. Our production includes, in addition to carpets and curtains, the creation of co-ordinates, sheets and pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins, bedspreads and rugs in addition to the essential Sardinian cushions typical of the tradition. Each rug or tapestry is finely decorated and embroidered with Sardinian classic motifs or with new modern design motifs. Consult our catalogue of Sardinian rugs online and visit us at our four sales points in Sardinia.

Sardinian textile crafts to furnish your home

Sardinian handmade fabrics of Samugheo designed to furnish every room in your home. Linen, curtains and carpets for each room. Sardinian tablecloths and napkins for the living room. Sheets and pillowcases with bedspread and bedside rug to furnish the bedroom. Curtains and rugs, indispensable furnishing accessories for the bathroom. Each type of curtain for indoor and outdoor use.

Wide availability of tailor-made creations, with the Sardinian colours and fabrics. Visit our exhibitions and for any questions send us a request.

Customizable and coordinated textile articles …

Sartapp Sardinian rugs online offers a wide range of textile articles, customizable and coordinated, intended for furnishing different environments of the house: curtains, bedspreads, sheets, tablecloths always characterised by the accuracy of the manufacture. The handcrafted design lines are distinguished by the numerous variations of elegant designs taken from the Sardinian and Samugheo textile traditions and executed with the pibiones technique.

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