Sardinian rugs for the living and dining room

Sardinian pillows and textile furnishings

Sardinian rugs and tapestries for the living room


Sardinian textile furnishings in Costa Smeralda and Samugheo. Sartapp realises and sells Sardinian furnishings for the living room, an essential touch of style in your home. Handmade production of co-ordinates, tablecloths and finely embroidered napkins. Sartapp produces Sardinian textile craftsmanship in strict respect for tradition, an art skillfully handed down from generation to generation for 40 years. Exclusive creations to offer you only the best of Sardinian fabrics. Discover the Sardinian rugs, tablecloths and cushions that Sartapp has created for you. Look at our collections and visit our four stores in Sardinia.

Sardinian pillows. Textiles for the living room are essential for decorating the home and creating a pleasant and familiar space. Choose soft and comfortable fabrics to furnish your home. Essential products to make your living space unique. Sardinian fabrics made for your home furnishings. Transform the rooms into an oasis of relaxation. Choose traditional Sardinian fabrics for your holiday home and for everyday life. Sartapp is a leader in handicraft production and in the sale of textile crafts, carpets and cushions with its four points of sale in Sardinia. We are in Costa Smeralda in Baja Sardinia, San Teodoro, Olbia and Samugheo (Oristano).

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