Sardinian textile craftsmanship since 1978

The story

Sardinian textile handcraft. Sartapp is a company with a strong tradition and skills acquired in almost forty years of experience in the production of Sardinian rugs by Samugheo. An artisanal workshop, the result of the skillful management of its founder Basilio Sanna who, together with his wife Elisabetta, had the intuition to start a textile company with a modern concept.

In fact, the Sardinian textile workshop was founded in Samugheo in 1978 with the name of Textile Laboratory of Basilio Sanna. The materials were wool and linen worked with traditional handcrafted looms. Since then all the production is entirely made in the Samugheo laboratory.

Since 1988 the main challenge has been to market and sell directly and so the first showroom in Baia Sardinia was inaugurated. The second one was opened in 1997 in Olbia and finally the last sales point was opened in San Teodoro.

Sartapp is the brand that represents the link between past and future and the meeting with Gavino Sanna was fundamental with which the line of rugs inspired by the famous labels of Cantina Mesa was born.

Sardinian carpets of Samugheo. Sartapp is strongly linked to the identity roots of the Samugheo territory. Anchored in its renowned textile tradition and carpet production. Traditional techniques and drawings are carefully taken up and reworked for the creation of a rich and varied production of fabrics. Art that is collected and brings with itself the beauty of an ancient rite in the contemporary.

Sartapp, is able to guarantee large productions, thanks to modern frames and equipment, Sartapp immediately proposes a dynamic business consolidated over time by the creation of several sales and exhibition points.

Currently boasting four showrooms and boutiques located, as well as in Samugheo near Oristano, in Baja Sardinia in Costa Smeralda, in Olbia and in San Teodoro in the province of Nuoro.

The future

The Sardinian textile handcraft of Sartapp has its roots in history as a large secular tree that the more it tends to the sky, the more it sinks its roots in the humid earth. Our intent is to update the traditional designs, tools and techniques and make them contemporary in every home.

The Techniques

Il laboratorio tessile è attrezzato di telai artigianali semimeccanici utilizzati per la realizzazione manuale della tecnica a rilievo a pibiones, impiegata nelle varianti semi pieno e tutto pieno. I materiali, sempre naturali, sono selezionati per la loro qualità ed includono la tipica lana sarda di produzione locale e pregiati filati di lino e cotone.

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